As promised that i  am willing to admit i made a mistake,partly!In the earlier post,the statue was already there in front of the capitol in Oklahoma City OK.!The statue is not there yet.We must pray the moral majority of the Oklahoma City residents and their state  government this will not come to pass!That is the […]

          Maybe i am wrong,id rather with tremendous,humility admit so!My faith is Roman Catholicism,thus i am a member of the only church founded by Christ!This is   the  only faith i would die for!If the . failure (Why i   say   a failure -because they   seem be advocateng for  hell and blindly losing out on […]

Jesus my love!I’ve found my vocation,and my vocation,and my vocation is love.” (st.Therese Lisieux { autobiography-The Story of My Soul,pp.234-245))            When one loves others without expecting a return of that mortal   love.That  soul will be filled with God’s  Divine  love , that  is   known  a    grace Just as John the Baptist […]